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Component Categories And Roll-Up Menus

Dynomation-6 and DynoSim6 are built around a completely custom user interface. They were designed and built by our talented programmers to make your task of building better engines as easy and intuitive as possible. Some software seems to be designed for the sole purpose of "showing off" its complexity, making it a real challenge to use, and making it completely impossible to feel truly comfortable while you are trying to get your work done.

Our version-6 simulations were built on a simple principle: Show all the engine components on the left, and show the simulation results on the right. With this design, you never have to "hunt" for an engine specification or component values; they are always at your fingertips. Making this concept work in a seamless way, however, required the best programmers in the business and millions of dollars of programming time. But the result, as told to us by our users, was a complete success. You will feel comfortable with our simulations because things just seem like they are where they belong! You can find and change specs in a flash. You'll be designing better engines in no time and you'll completely forget about “using the program.” That was our goal. We have designed Dynomation-6 to be as “transparent” as possible. It let’s you focus your attention on Engine Development not Software Operation!

The latest addition to our simple interface concept is Roll-Up Menus. With more than 70 component menus available for you to tune and tweak, the component categories can get a bit long. But in most cases, you are focused on just two or three of these categories. With the new Roll-Up menu feature, you can instantly compact the engine categories down to a "short list" of only those areas that you are testing. Rolling Up and Down menus is extremely easy; just a single mouse click!

This latest addition to our custom interface has been received with glowing praise from our users:

"I like the Roll-Up menus a lot. It saves a lot of time scrolling and let's me focus on only the sections that I change."    Bill Lamb, Tusla, Ok.

"Excellent." Pete Irving, Horsham, UK

"Nice." John Aller, Tiffin, OH

"It's nice to collapse the sections that are 'done' and just look at what is being tweaked." Don Hoeschen, Saint Cloud, MN

"It makes the menus seem smoother." Alex Nicolson, Huntington Beach, CA

"Excellent improvement." Greg Schings, Georgetown, KY

This is just one of the features that make Motion Software simulations stand out from other software. The bottom line is: We get it! We know you are interested in engines, not tricky software. We have designed version-6 simulations to fit in your hand like a high-quality wrench. It just feels right.

All Engine Components Are Always Visible On Screen!

You'll Never Dig Through
Sub-Menus To Find Lost Specs

Dynomation-6 offers more than 70 Engine Component Menus organized in
Easy-To-Find Engine Categories

Menus Can Be "Rolled-Up"
To Display Only What
You Want To See!

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