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CamDisk8 CamFile Library 
All Software Compatible With Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 (32 and 64 bit)


CamDisk8 CamFile Library
Designed Specifically For DynoSim5


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  The new CamDisk8™ camfile library from ProRacing Sim, LLC., contains over 6000 cam-data files designed specifically for DynoSim5, our powerful new engine simulation. CamDisk8™ camfiles use an extended-data format that offer increased simulation accuracy (see The Real Power Of CamDisk8™, below). You'll find the latest mileage, towing, street performance, drag racing, road racing, and marine camshafts on this comprehensive disk. Save hours of time searching through cam manufacturer's catalogs. Find the right cam for your next engine project in minutes!

Product Overview: All camfiles included on CamDisk8 are automatically installed in the appropriate directory located on your computer (created when you installed DynoSim5). CamFiles on CamDisk8™ combine with the 800-to-1000 camfiles supplied with DynoSim5 to build an extensive library of over 6000 cams that you can search, load and test in any simulated engine.

The Real Power Of CamDisk8™: DynoSim5 incorporates comprehensive modeling algorithms that calculate Lifter Acceleration Rates for test cams by performing an analysis of valve-timing specifications. In order to complete this lobe-profile analysis, the simulation needs access to all ten cam-timing data points (seat-to-seat and 0.050-inch opening and closing points plus peak valve lift for both the intake and exhaust lobes; commonly called 10-Point Timing). If all ten points are available, Lifter Acceleration will be calculated and displayed in the CamManager™, a powerful cam-analysis tool built into the DynoSim5. All camfiles on CamDisk8™ have complete cam specifications that allow the automatic calculation of Lifter Acceleration. When Lifter Acceleration is known, more accurate power and torque predictions can be made for any test engine.

Now Includes Excel Spreadsheets: In addition to the individual Camfiles provided on CamDisk8, we have included Excel™ spreadsheets that you can use to search and sort cam data to your own specifications. Use the power of Excel (or an Excel-compatible spreadsheet application) to gain unlimited access to all CamDisk8 data! Look up cams by keyword, by part number, by manufacturer, or any other possible search criterion. Even use cam data in other applications!

Availability: CamDisk8™  is available now! See our Purchase Page, for more information and Discount pricing.

Requirements: CamDisk8™  requires previous installation of DynoSim5. Also see System Requirements (right-hand column).

What  Can I Do With CamDisk8™:
  • Add 6000 CamFiles To DynoSim5, DynoSim6, and Dynomation6
  • Includes Latest Cams And Specs From Many Manufacturers
  • Increases CamFile Library To Over 6000 CamFiles!
  • Improves CamFile Search Accuracy
  • All CamFiles Support Lobe-Acceleration Modeling
  • 10-Point CamManager™ Displays All Timing Data, Recommended Application Info, Cam Lobe Acceleration, Cam Manufacturer, And More.
  • Optionally, Use Excel To Search And Sort Cam Data And Search For Any Cam By Keyword, Timing Value, Description, Application, Engine Family, etc.

What's New In CamDisk8™:

  • Note: CamDisk8 is only compatible with DynoSim5. It will not install properly with DeskTop Dyno5 or earlier versions of DynoSim or other Dyno Simulation Software.
  • Updates all camfiles in your simulation library with the latest cams,  data, and specifications.
  • All Camfiles Include Both Seat-To-Seat And 0.050-Inch Timing Data.
  • Expands DynoSim5 CamFile Library To 6000+ CamFiles.
  • Find Any CamFile In Just Seconds Using 10-Point CamManager™.
  • Supports Advanced Lobe Acceleration Modeling.
  • Includes Extended Cam Data, Plus Application Information, Usage Descriptions, Engine Family Info, And More. Search For Any Timing Value Or Description Or Keyword.

System Requirements:

  • DynoSim5 must be installed on your PC before CamDisk8 can be installed.
  • PC capable of running Windows7, 8, 10 or 11
  • SVGA video capability 800 x 600, however, 1024 x 768 or higher resolution recommended
  • CD-ROM disk drive
  • Mouse





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