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  HOW TO CONTACT TECH SUPPORT: Please do not call the Order Line for tech support. If the updates provided below do not resolve your problem, contact our tech support staff by sending an email to support@motionsoftware.com. Please describe the problem you are having with sufficient detail so that we are able to duplicate the issue and attempt to resolve it.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

NOTE: To download any file listed here, follow the download rules of your Web browser, which in most cases, is simply click on the file link and the file will be downloaded to your "Download" folder. You can also Right-Click on the selection and choose "Save Target As" in the pop-up window.

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       MotionUpdaterINI  Corrects REGISTRATION and UPDATE Errors
        For All Version 6 and 5 Simulations

Getting Software Updates
The Easy Way

All version 6 and 5 simulations can be updated in seconds using Motion's Automatic Updater. Simply select Check For Newer Version from the HELP menu within the program. If you have problems receiving updates, download the updater on the right.

Current Motion-Updater Release,
January, 2021


                     EASILY Fix Registration and Update Issues For
                                 All Version 6 and 5 Simulations!

Latest MotionUpdaterINI Installer For All Motion Simulations


1) Please download the above MotionUpdaterINI installer to a convenient location on your system.

2) Make sure to close all other programs before running the Installer.

3) Follow the on-screen instructions. The Installer will search your computer and update all Motion Software simulations and their updater and registration data.

4) Thank You For Your Patience.

If you have any further issues with registration or updating your Motion simulations, please let us know by sending an email to: support@motionsoftware.com...we'll help you get running ASAP!


      Dynomation6 and Earlier USB Security Key Driver Update       
         Update Dynomation with the latest Security Key Driver now!          


Current Release 912, April  2023

General Information About Automatic Updates
All Versions



  Dynomation6 USB Security-Key-Driver Updates

USB Security Key (HASP) Latest Driver 912 For Dynomation6
Use this USB HASP Key Driver (v 912, 4/2023
, 38Mb) installer if you are experiencing Dynomation startup issues. If this does not fix your program startup issues, please contact tech support: support@motionsoftware.com.

Provides support for:

x86 and x64 versions of the following;

>Windows Server 2016

>Windows Server 2019

>Windows Server IoT 2019

>Windows Server 2022

>Windows Server IoT 2022

>Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC

>Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC

>Windows 10 22H2

>Windows 11 22H2

>Windows 11 ARM 22H2

NOTE   Windows Insider Preview builds are not supported.

NOTE: Dynomation should be installed before you run this installer.
IMPORTANT: While this installer may not suggest it, please RESTART your computer immediately after you update your HASP Key driver.

       Dynomation-5 Program Updates/Downloads
        Please consider upgrading to Dynomation6 to get all the latest features and improvements
        (Dynomation5 is no longer supported with new features and updates).

Dynomation Version 5.xxx

Original Release 5.01.0408, April 21, 2008

Last Release 5.16p.53026,
November 2, 2016; see THE EASY WAY above.

General Information About Dynomation-5 Automatic Updates
All Versions


Dynomation-5.15a FULL INSTALLER FOR WIN10 WIN 8 and WIN 7
Dynomation5.15a, 12/28, 165Mb
Recommended installer for both Windows10, 8 and 7 systems. This installer is best used if you cannot find your install CD. Make sure to use the Motion Updater to get the latest version after installation is complete. You should also download the latest HASP Key driver (below) and install it after the Dynomation installation is complete. If you have any issues, please contact tech support: support@motionsoftware.com.

Provides Dynomation-5 installation package for:

  • Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Not fully tested on other Windows versions

IMPORTANT: While this installer may not suggest it, please RESTART your computer immediately after you update your HASP Key driver.

Getting Updates The Easy Way (see updates for motion-updater above)
Dynomation-5 updates be updated in seconds using Motion's Automatic Updater. Simply select Check For Newer Version from the HELP menu within Dynomation-5. If you have problems receiving updates using this method, contact us at: support@motionsoftware.com

Dynomation v5.15 User-Manual Update Sheet
     (INCLUDED in 5.14.0325 UPDATER, above)
     This PDF contains details about program operation and features not covered in the
     User Manual. Requires Adobe Reader.

        Dynomation-4 Program Updates/Downloads

Dynomation Version 4.xxx

Version 4.20.0205,
Feb 21, 2005

Version 4.22.0605,
Jun 6, 2005

Version 4.23.0308,
Mar 31, 2008

  Dynomation v4.23.0308 Program Updater 5Mb
Several improvements; corrects registration issues, recommended for all users.
Readme file (installed by this updater) details the
        Early Version Of Adobe Reader (or download latest version from Adobe website)



Get Adobe Acrobat Reader To access (PDF)
User Manuals supplied with software on this page.

Acrobat 8.12 Win98/2000/XP & Vista Reader (22MB) Download

Or Visit Adobe for the latest version of Acrobat Reader (click the logo):





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