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Dynomation6 Engine Simulation
Easy-To-Use, Professional Wave-Action Engine Simulations

   Dynomation6 lets you peer inside a running engine! It clearly lets you see, otherwise invisible, pressure waves and mass flow in cylinders and engine passages. Dynomation6 reveals why specific components improve power and others don't!
   All engine components and specifications are clearly visible and easy to modify. Unique Direct-Click™ data entry let's you select and optimize any component with just a mouse click! Let Dynomation6 help you zero-in on the best combination for economy, performance, or professional racing.

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DynoSim6 Engine Simulation
Easy-To-Use, Wave-Assisted Engine Simulation For Performance Enthusiasts!

   DynoSim6 is a highly accurate engine-dyno simulation. It is also easy to use. If you know engines, you’ll be using this simulation in just minutes. Build and evaluate any engine you can imagine, in just seconds! Click on any component or enter your own custom specs. DynoSim6 instantly displays power and torque, fuel flow, airflow, frictional losses, and much more!
   Use DynoSim6 wave-dynamic displays to “see inside”
your running engine! Minimize intake reversion, correct miss-timed exhaust pulses, locate flow restrictions. Software also models turbochargers, roots/screw and centrifugal superchargers. Set boost, belt ratios, turbine sizes, A/R ratios, even model intercoolers.
   DynoSim6 will help you get the most from any engine. Known worldwide for accuracy and ease of use. And you’ll find wiide support on the Internet with engine files, cam files, and flow files available. DynoSim6 is, simply, the best simulation for the money, and it’s fun to use, too!

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  Motion Software Vehicle/Track Simulations
      Load and Test Engine Files From Dynomation-6 or DynoSim6
  DragSim  Drag-Race
    Vehicle Simulation

Our Top-Of-The-Line 1/8- and 1/4-Mile DragStrip Vehicle Simulation Including ProTools™!

Finding the best chassis setup, gear ratios, shift points, and optimum settings for hundreds of other components needed for winning street or drag-strip performance can be an expensive, trial-and-error process. With our Top-Of-The-Line DragSim5™ enthusiasts and pros can quickly build and drag-test any vehicle imaginable, including automobiles, dragsters, motorcycles, even front and rear-wheel drive vehicles! Test any engine power curve, manual or automatic transmissions, any gear ratio, any vehicle weight, wheelbase, driving style, weather conditions and more! Change components with  just a mouse click—drag-race times are instantly updated. A PopUp TimeSlip™ provides an easy-to-read visual summary of overall vehicle performance. Nothing could be easier! DragSim5™ also includes a sophisticated Traction Calculator™ that optimizes tire/track modeling and improves accuracy. Compatible with DynoSim5 and DeskTop Dyno5 engine files. DragSim5™ is amazingly accurate and fun to use!
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  FastLapSim Road-Race
    Vehicle Simulation

Our Top-Of-The-Line Road-Racing/Slalom Vehicle Simulation For Any Closed-Course Asphalt Track

Building a competitive road-racing vehicle is a never-ending search for the perfect combination of suspension, tires, gear ratios, braking points, steering path and a hundred other variables needed to arrive at the winner’s circle. Thanks to FastLapSim5™, a Top-Of-The-Line simulation from ProRacing Sim, road-racing enthusiasts and pros can accurately test vehicle components, try unique combinations and evaluate the entire vehicle on any closed-course—all without twisting a single wrench or buying any parts! Select from any of the 40+ built-in tracks, skid pads and slaloms. Use the built-in Track Editor™ to add more tracks or design your own custom track layouts (any length, varying widths, and any number of turns). Finds optimum driving path and precise braking points through every turn and straightaway. FastLapSim5™ is remarkably accurate and great fun to use. Guaranteed to improve the handling and performance of your next project vehicle. Includes ProTools™ that add Track Segment analysis, High-Resolution Testing, Real-Time Sim Calculations, and much more
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