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All Software Compatible With Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 (32 and 64 bit)

  DeskTop Dyno5 Engine Simulation
Low-Cost, Feature-Packed, Accurate!
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Program Features

The DeskTop Dyno5 is a powerful engine simulation that offers extended component testing and amazing predictive accuracy all at remarkably low cost. Build and test any 1- to 12-cylinder, 4-cycle engine you can imagine! A custom interface shows parts on the left and test results on the right. Use simple Direct-Click™ menus to select from a wide variety of parts, or enter your own custom specs. Instantly displays horsepower, torque, VE, and other engine performance data on customizable graphs and tables to within 5% of real dyno data.

The DeskTop Dyno5 offers high simulation speeds, thousands of engine component to choose from (and you can enter your own custom specifications), and accuracy known worldwide! The DeskTop Dyno5 will help any performance engine enthusiast evaluate custom cylinder heads, any cam timing, a wide range of bores and strokes, valve sizes, connecting rod-lengths and angularity, environmental conditions, compression ratios, combustion-chamber shapes and much more. DeskTop Dyno5 is also equipped with several powerful calcuators to help you perform detailed engine analysis, including a Cam-Math QuickCalculator™, an Induction-Flow calculator, and an AirFlow Pressure-Drop calculator!

The DeskTop Dyno5 also incorporates a powerful QuickIterator™ automated testing tool that helps you find optimum component combinations for any engine application! The QuickIterator™ will "home in" on the best parts combination for you with a single mouse click! The QuickIterator™ performs all the dyno testing, keeps track of all the results, and displays the best combination for you to review. The DeskTop Dyno5 with QuickIterator™ is light-years ahead of the competition!

There is no other simulation software on the market that can compare with the DeskTop Dyno5 in low cost, professional features, testing capability, and high accuracy. Get the most from your next engine project and from your wallet! Get the DeskTop Dyno5 engine simulation. Runs on any Windows-equipped PC.

The DeskTop Dyno5 is supplied with a 160+ page, full-color, on-disk Users Manual (directly accessible from within the program) that details the features of this comprehensive engine simulation.

DeskTop Dyno5 is available NOW!. See our Purchase Page for purchase information and Discount Web pricing.

What The DeskTop Dyno Can Do:
  • Build And Test Virtually Any 4-Cycle Engine

  • Test Engines Speeds From 1000 to 14,500 RPM

  • Instantly Switch Between US & Metric Units

  • Find The Best Parts For Street Or Racing Applications

  • Use QuickIterator™ To Run Automatic Testing!

  • Use Several Built-In Calculators For Engine Analysis!

  • Easy Component Selections, Just Point And Click

  • Test Alternate Fuels And Nitrous-Oxide Injection

  • Test Any Air/Fuel Ratio

  • Combustion-Chamber Modeling

  • Auto-Scaling Power, Torque, Pressure Curves

  • Display And Print Components And Color Graphs

  • Test Carburetors/Injection, Stock & Racing Manifolds

  • View And Print Engine Pressures, Efficiencies

  • Use Built-In Advanced Calculators (Cam, Airflow)

  • Plus Automatic Updates Over The Web!

Tune These Key Engine Components:

  • Bores (2- to 7-inches) Strokes (1.5- to 7-inches)

  • Number Of Cylinders (1 to 12)

  • Intake And Exhaust Valve Sizes

  • 1, 2, Or 3 Valves Per Port

  • Modify Valve Event Timing, Valve Lift

  • Model Lobe Acceleration For Intake And Exhaust

  • Change Individual Valve Opening And Closing Events

  • Change Lobe Centerlines And Durations

  • Intake/Exhaust Port Design And Modifications

  • Wedge, Canted, Hemi, And 4-Valve Heads

  • Combustion-Chamber Modeling

  • Flow Data Models Any Cylinderhead

  • Up To 7000cfm Peak Induction Flow

  • Any Carburetor (multiple or single) or Fuel Injection

  • Intake Manifold And Exhaust Systems

  • Compression Ratio From 6:1 to18:1

  • Various Fuels, Including Gasoline, Methanol, More

  • Any Air/Fuel Ratio From Max Power to Max Mileage

  • Nitrous-Oxide With Gasoline And Methanol

  • And Even More Is Possible With DeskTop Dyno5!

Discount Pricing And
Bundles Packages
Available Now!

Program Features:
  • Dyno Test Your Next Engine BEFORE You Built It, Save Thousands On Parts!
  • Accurately Simulate 1-to-12 Cylinder, 4-Cycle Engines. Shows Results At Each 500-RPM From 1000- to 14,500-RPM!
  • Graphs Horsepower, Torque, VE, Engine Pressures And Much More!
  • Test Multiple Engines. Run Comparison Testing!
  • Wide Rage Of Bores & Strokes (Bores from 2 to 7 inches; Strokes from 1.5 to 7 inches).
  • Improved Induction Models, More Intake Manifolds, Supplied With 100+ Cylinder Head Flow Files.
  • Test Any Cylinderhead Design; Choose From Menus Or Directly Enter Custom Flow-Bench Data
  • Improved Flow Modeling, Supports 1, 2, or 3 Valves Per Port.
  • QuickAccess™ Buttons, More Engine Data, 160-Page Color Users Manual, And More!
  • Test Detroit Iron, Sport Compact Powerplants, Stock Or Custom Racing Engines. 1000 Shortblocks Supplied in Menus, Plus Enter Your Own Custom Shortblocks!
  • Combine Any Induction With Any Fuel, Including Nitrous-Oxide Injection
  • Uses Filling-And-Emptying, Full-Cycle Simulation, Renown For Speed And Accuracy
  • Advanced Windows Interface With Easy-To-Use, DirectClick™ Menus, And Enhanced Graphics
  • Graphs Fully Customizable; Display/Compare Any Engine Variable
  • Simply Click On Any Component And Select From Extensive Menus Or Enter Your Own Custom Specs
  • Accurate, State-Of-The-Art, and Fun To Use!

System Requirements:

  • Any PC system capable of running Windows7, 8. 10 or 11.
  • Faster system processor produces simulations more quickly
  • SVGA video capability (800 x 600), however, 1024 x 768 or higher resolution recommended
  • CD-ROM disk drive
  • Mouse
  • Windows-Compatible Printer required for test reports


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