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All Software Compatible With Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 (32 and 64 bit)


DeskTop FastLap5
Low-Cost, Feature-Packed, Accurate!

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Program Features

DeskTop FastLap5 accurately simulates the unimaginably complex interaction of forces, speeds, and accelerations generated by any stock, high-performance, or all-out race vehicle. A comprehensive step-by-step analysis of the interrelated physics is performed during every increment of vehicle motion (full analysis is completed 1000 times per second!). DeskTop FastLap5 derives an optimum driving path, and determines the best braking points and forces, aerodynamics, throttle positions, transmission shift-up and shift-down points, steering input, driver corrections, and more! Further analysis determines the best possible elapsed time for any track. Change any component in seconds and run back-to-back tests to “home in” on the ultimate setup for any vehicle and track. Accurate, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art and great fun; DeskTop FastLap5 is an awesome simulation that, we are sure, will become the most valuable addition to your racer’s toolkit.

DeskTop FastLap5 incorporates ProRacing Sim Software’s new user interface built from the ground-up for Windows95/98/Me/XP or Vista. QuickAccess™ buttons and DirectClick™ menus that let you change parts simply by clicking on any component. Nothing could be easier!  Analyze vehicle speed, lateral or longitudinal G's, rpms, damper forces, suspension movement, tire loads, and much more. View race results in full-color graphics. All data and graphs can be printed (and previewed) in color on any Windows printer.

DeskTop FastLap5 also includes a Track Window that provides an “overhead” view of real-time vehicle movement (showing all vehicle motion, including understeer, oversteer, and driver corrections!). Watch as your test vehicle traverses every straightaway and turn and remains fully synchronized with the comprehensive telemetry displayed on the results graphs. Zoom-in and out on both Track and Telemetry to uncover every nuance of vehicle performance. DeskTop FastLap5 also provides a real-time G-G Diagram that graphically indicates the sum of all forces acting on the vehicle. Each dot on the G-G Diagram indicates the equivalent force on the vehicle at each 0.001-second throughout the timed lap. A quick glance reveals whether vehicle was able to maintain its maximum G “envelope” throughout the course. Use this data, and the extensive chassis-tuning information provided in the over 160-page, color, Users Manual, to build the ultimate vehicle for any asphalt, closed-course track.

Pop-Up Lap-Time Slip™ offers an instant summary of the performance potential of any vehicle.

DeskTop FastLap5 also accepts DeskTop Dyno5 and DynoSim5 engine test files (you can also manually enter any engine power curves), it is possible to test various engine components and measure their on-track effects. Imagine changing a camshaft then running a track analysis of the new power curve in just minutes! In the time it takes for you to dream up a new combination, you can perform an "on track" test and analyze the results!

The Track Editor™: You can run any vehicle you design on any of the 40+ built-in tracks (includes many of the World’s best-known race courses). Or design any track you can dream up using a fully-graphic Track Editor™! This powerful “application” built into DeskTop FastLap5 lets you construct any track with any number of turns, turn radii, straightaway lengths, track widths, and more. Simply place corner points and the Track Editor draws the interconnecting track. Set the corner radii, fine tune the track points, and take your test vehicle for a “spin.” Build any track from a parking-lot autocross to a multi-mile twister! Build an imaginary track, or precisely construct a real-world track for methodical testing. Either way, the Track Editor expands the modeling capabilities of DeskTop FastLap5 to limits of your imagination!

DeskTop FastLap5 is supplied with a full-color, 150-page, on-disk Users Manual (directly accessible from within the program) that details the features of this comprehensive simulation.

DeskTop FastLap5 is available NOW! See our Purchase Page for purchase information and Discount Web pricing.

What You Can Do With DeskTop FastLap5:

  • Design, Build, And Track-Test Any Vehicle In Seconds

  • Pick From List Of Tracks Or Design Any Closed Course

  • Design Any Track, Any Number Turns, Ovals, Autocrosses!

  • Displays Real-Time Runs From Overhead Track View

  • See The Potential Of Any Component Combination

  • Displays Full Telemetry Data For Each Run

  • Test Any Engine Power Curve And/Or Import DynoSim5 And DeskTop Dyno5 Engine Files

  • Evaluate Wide Range Of Suspension Components

  • Test Drivelines, Gear Ratios, Tires, Wheels, And More!

  • Evaluate Wing And Body Aerodynamics, Lift And Drag

  • Display & Print Vehicle Specs, Telemetry, Performance

  • Run Back-To-Back Tests And Find Best Combinations

  • Easy-To-Use, Advanced Data-Entry Interface

  • Plus Automatic Updates Over The Web!

Tune These Key Elements:

  • Any Closed-Course Track

  • Any Vehicle, Wheelbase, Weight, Aero Properties

  • Front/Rear Track Width, CG Location

  • Front And/Or Rear Wing Length, Width, Angle

  • Any Engine Power Curve Or Load DynoSim Engine Files

  • 1- to 6-Speed Transmissions, Clutch Or Automatic

  • Any Transmission Or Rear-Axle Ratios

  • Front- Or Rear-Wheel Drive

  • Any Spring Rate, Damper, Tires, Brakes

  • A-Arms, Struts, Swing, Or Custom Suspension Geometry

  • Front And Rear Anti-Roll Bar Rates With Calculator

  • Brake Bias Adjustable Front/Rear

  • Driving Styles, Driver Error Considerations

  • Driver Steering Response Time, Shift Time

  • Temperature, Humidity, Wind, Elevation

  • And More! Our Most Cost-Effective Vehicle-Dynamics Simulation!


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FastLap5 Highlights:

  • Watch Any Vehicle You’ve Designed Run A “Hot Lap” On Any Closed-Course Track!
  • Use Any Of 40+ Built-In Tracks Or Build Your Own In Graphic Track Editor™.
  • Find Optimum Suspension, Gear Ratios, Aerodynamics, Driveline, Tires, And More!.
  • Build Stock Cars, Street Racers, Race Sedans, Nascar Vehicles, Open-Wheel Racers, And More
  • QuickAccess™ Buttons, Precision Data Display With Reticule, 160-Page Color Users Manual, And More!
Program Features:
  • Design, Build, And Track-Test Any Vehicle In Seconds

  • Pick From List Of World’s Most Well-Known Tracks Or Design Any Closed Course Using Built-In TrackEditor™

  • Watch Real-Time “Hot Laps” From Overhead Track View; Zoom In To Catch All The Action!

  • Display & Print Vehicle Telemetry, Specs, and Overall Performance

  • Test Potential Of Any Component Combination

  • Test Any Engine Power Curve And/Or Load DeskTop Dyno and DynoSim Engine Files

  • Evaluate Wide Range Of Suspension Setups; tune each wheel individually

  • Build Coil Spring, Strut, Torsion Bar, A-Arm, Or Swing Suspension Systems

  • Choose Spring Rates, Dampers, Geometry, Tires, Brakes. Graphs Show Under-, Over-, Critical-Damping.

  • Test Drivelines, Suspension, Gear Ratios, Tires, Wheels, Driving Styles, Weather, And Much More!

  • Run Back-To-Back Tests And Find The Best Setups

  • Optimize Any Vehicle BEFORE You Build It; Save Thousands On Parts!

  • Select Parts From Built-In Menus Or Enter Your Own Custom Specs

  • Easy-To-Use, DirectClick™ Menu Interface

  • Any Vehicle, Weight, Frontal Area, Drag, Lift, Wheelbase, Wings, CG Location

  • Any Trans, Manual or Automatic, 1-to-6 Gears, Any Ratios, Front Or Rear Wheel Drive Vehicles

  • Use Pop-Up Lap TimeSlip™ For Fast Overview Of Vehicle Performance

  • Advanced Graphics Displays Any Of 70 Telemetry Data Sets Recorded During Vehicle Testing! Playback Lap, Zoom-In, Study Every Detail Of Vehicle Performance.

  • Advanced Windows Interface With Easy-To-Use, DirectClick™ Menus And Enhanced “XP” Graphics

  • Model Front-Or-Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicles

  • Accurate, Easy-To-Use, State-Of-The-Art, And Fun!. The FastLapSim Is The Best Road-Course Vehicle Dynamics Simulation You Can Buy!


  • Any PC system capable of running Windows7, 8, 10 or 11
  • Faster system processor determines simulation results more quickly
  • Basic VGA video capability (640 x 480), however, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 or higher resolution recommended
  • A complete install requires approximately 120MBytes of disk space.
  • CD-ROM disk drive
  • Mouse
  • Windows-Compatible Printer required for test reports


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