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Charge-Flow Analysis Now Standard In Dynomation-6!

DynoSim-6 Now Includes Powerful Charge-Flow Analysis As A Standard Feature!

Many new features have been added to Dynomation-6 since its initial release. One significant update introduced powerful Charge-Flow And Fuel-Consumption Analysis to tables and graphs.

Charge flow into the cylinder and Exhaust flow out of the cylinder are concepts understood by all engine enthusiasts. But a lot more goes on inside an IC engine than meets the eye. Seemingly impossible flows of exhaust gasses moving back into the cylinder and intake charge flowing backwards into the intake track are actually common phenomenon. Another common, "invisible" flow is air/fuel charge that moves into the cylinder and then continues flowing across the chamber and out through exhaust port before the exhaust valve closes. Obviously these fuel- and power-wasting gas flows lower engine efficiency, increase fuel consumption, and reduce engine output. Unfortunately, minimizing  these "bad" flows has been somewhat of a mysterious, trial-and-error process—trial-and-error, that is, until now!

Enhanced  functionality in Dynomation-6 displays charge-flow data in tables, graphs, and ProPrint reports. A quick glance at the Charge-Loss Percentage columns in the data table (see example on the right) gives you an instant view of where in the rpm range these otherwise-mysterious flows take place. By adjusting valve opening and closing points and overlap duration, sometimes by only a small amount, performance and efficiency can be markedly improved.

Recent enhancements have added the following features to Dynomation.

  • Total Charge Retained In Cylinder

  • Charge Lost From Cylinder Before IVC

  • Charge Lost To Reversion

  • Charge Lost To Exhaust Flow

  • Exhaust Spoilage Flow Into Cylinder

  • BSFC (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption)

  • Fuel Flow Into Engine

  • Fuel Conversion Efficiency

All of these data sets are displayable in US and Metric units, most are graphable, and each can be viewed for subtle changes as cam timing and other engine components are optimized.

These new features, like all Dynomation-6 updates, are provided FREE to Dynomation-6 owners and are Automatically Installed on their system with a single mouse-click! These are just a few of the hundreds of improvements provided by our dedicated staff of software engineers. Look for much more in the future!

If you would like to purchase Dynomation-6, Dynomation-6 is now available at special pricing. After you install Dynomation-6 on your system, it will automatically update with all the latest features. Every 30 days, Dynomation-6 will check our servers to make sure your software stays up to date (you also can check for new versions any time you wish).


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