Dynomation6 Upgrade For Dynomation Registered Users Only

Click HERE to download a PDF of the letter mailed to you that describes some of the changes and new features added to Dynomation6

! Now Available ! Dynomation-6™ Full-Version Upgrade -----------------------
Professional-Series™ Four-Stroke Wave-Action Engine Simulation

Includes FREE CamFiles
FREE 2017 Lobe-Profile Library
FREE Version6 Program Updates
$9.95 Shipping To US Locations


Upgrade Includes 2017 COMP
Lobe-Profile Library CD
With 3500+ Lobe-Profile Files

All-New Dynomation-6™ is now available to registered users of previous versions of Dynomation at a limited-time upgrade price! This upgrade package includes the complete Dynomation6 Wave-Action Engine Simulation. You also receive all current program updates and all FUTURE version-6 updates! Also included FREE (for a limited time): our 2017 COMP Lobe-Profile library of 3500+ lobe-profiles (another Motion FIRST!). PLUS, you get Motion Software's top-tier technical support to keep your engine designs World Class!

Note: Dynomation6 will install in a separate directory and leave your existing Dynomation installation and files intact. Your existing USB Security Key is required to run Dynomation6.

Dynomation6 Package Includes:

  • Full Dynomation6 Engine Simulation
  • Imports All Previous Version Dynomation Engine Files
  • Uses your existing USB Security Key
  • Includes 2017 Lobe Library With 3500+ Lobe-Profiles
  • QuickStart Guide (Printed version)
  • 300+ Page Color User Guide Included On CD
  • All Current and Future Version 6 Updates FREE!
  • Fully Compatible With Windows7, 8 and 10 (32- and 64-bit).

Dynomation-6™ Upgrade

Version 6.01 Full Version
Upgrade Package
FREE 2017
Lobe-Profile Library,
All Program Updates!!
Full Package With USB Key
(Regularly $695.95)
Special Only $139.95
$9.95 Shipping To U.S. Locations

         Dynomation Users Widely Applaud
         Dynomation6 Upgrade Features!

  • Exhaust modeling in Wave-Action Sim supports three primary pipe sections, two collector sections, and a megaphone from which you can build virtually any header system you can imagine!

  • New "Fitter™" math routines ensure exacting valve-motion and improve simulation accuracy!

  • Valve/Lifter acceleration modeling improved; uses intuitive, real-world approach.

  • New synthetic fuels and Diesel modeling supported; CRs extended to 30:1.

  • Improved Latent-Heat-Of-Vaporization modeling for all fuels.

  • New intake runner-temperature modeling; perfect for "air-gap" and cold-runner manifolds.

  • WA Simulation Cycles automatically determined at run time; user input no longer required.

  • Pressure-Wave and Cam-Dynamics Stability Indicators clearly show any modeling issues.

  • Wave-Action Simulation now models Manifold Plenums, Spacers, and Runner Bellmouths.

  • FE accuracy enhanced; now displays pressure waves and particle flow velocities, similar to the Wave-Action Simulation!

  • Modeling in Filling-And-Emptying Sim includes new Exhaust options including steps, Tri-Ys, and primary/collector size prediction.

  • Iterator™ enhanced, includes searches for optimum Intake Runner-Length and Runner-Areas.

  • Substantially improved Forced-Induction modeling and enhanced Compressor-Map displays.

  • New Simulation Log error feedback; quickly diagnose component-combinations issues.

  • Confirm port flow data-entry accuracy by simply viewing the displayed Coefficient of Discharge (CD) values shown in the Port Flow dialog. Also graph CDs and Valve Curtain Areas.

  • Tables display Mass Flow (Lb/min or Kg/sec) for each RPM step; helpful in selecting best blowers or turbos for any application.

  • New Program-Settings dialog let you set Wheel Horsepower conversion factor, color schemes, key clicks, and other program startup settings.

  • Improved Units handling for US and Metric systems, plus a Hybrid Units Mode that displays Metric units for engine components and US units for power and torque!

  • Atmospheric selections include 10 popular dyno-correction standards, or use custom values.

  • Every aspect of the program was enhanced, with our continued emphasis on ease of use.

  • Imports all previous Dynomation files with error checking. Get up and running in no time!

  • That’s just a sampling of the features and enhancements in Dynomation6, plus:

  • Upgrade now and get the 2017 COMP Cams Lobe Profile Library (3500+ Profiles) FREE!

  • Receive all future Dynomation6 program updates, including new features under development.

  • And, we have your back with our top-notch Tech Support. Let us know how we can help!

Bottom Line: Dynomation6 is more powerful, more intuitive, and simply more fun to use! Order your upgrade today. We’re sure you’ll find Dynomation6 provides the best bang for your buck that Motion Software, Inc., has ever offered. Guaranteed, or your money back!


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