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Use Dynomaiton-5.15 to find "hidden" horsepower in your next engine project! Don't leave engine efficiency on the table! Find every last drop of performance with the engine simulation used by racers and professionals Worldwide!

Check out our newest video: Using Computers To Build Horsepower. This full 35-Minute HD Video provides an inside look at the Dynomation interface and usage techniques! Pros explain how you can get the most from this powerful Wave-Action simulation!

Now is the best time ever to step up to Motion Software's Top-Of-The-Line Professional engine simulation. You'll receive the latest version of Dynomation (including the new  Charge-Flow features) along with 6000+ camfiles and 1700+ lobe-profile files (another Industry first!). And you'll Save $$$  with our discount web prices! Plus FREE SHIPPING to any US address!

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Industry First!
Lobe-Profile Library
Includes 1700+
Cam Lobe Profiles!

Motion Software and COMP Cams™ have joined forces to offer engine enthusiasts nearly 2000, state-of-the-art, cam-profile files that you can instantly load and test in Dynomation-5! These profiles allow Dynomation-5 to precisely simulate valve-motion, an essential step in obtaining the highest accuracy in engine modeling. If you want the highest modeling accuracy in Dynomation-5, this Lobe-Profile Library will be a priceless addition to your engine design toolkit.

For a limited time you receive this CD Library FREE with your purchase of Dynomation-5 (Separate Library value $149.95).

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Other Motion Software Simulations

Enthusiasts that do need the power and capabilities of Dynomation-5, or for those who are interested in simulating straight-line and road-course vehicle dynamics, Motion Software has developed additional software simulations that are available exclusively from ProRacing Sim, LLC. Check out all our simulations at:

    Note: Motion Software offers a full Guarantee on all products, and your  Privacy is protected on this site.

  Proven Technology Speeds Engine Development!
  Compatible With Win8 & 7, Vista, XP, 32- and 64-bit


Used By Pros And Engine Enthusiasts

   Dynomation-5 lets you peer inside a running engine! It reveals–otherwise invisible–pressure waves and mass flow in cylinders and engine passages. And now, Dynomation includes Charge-Flow Analysis (see below)! Dynomation-5 will accurately display how much power an engine will produce, but it will also show you why it makes that power and where you should put your efforts to optimize performance!

  The latest release (version 5.15) adds several GTX Turbo maps, E85 modeling, enhanced combustion and ignition modeling, part-throttle modeling, and more. Recent previous updates added improved integration between the FE and WA models, improved camshaft and rocker-arm modeling, improved tables and charts, new Pressure-Volume and Pressure-Crank-Angle graphs, Crank-Degree data tables, comprehensive support for metric and US measurement systems, and much more! Fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows7 & 8 (32- and 64-bit).

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New Shipping Version: 5.15

Lobe Profile Library
Now Included FREE


Using Computers To

Build Horsepower

Dynomation-5 Now Includes Charge-Flow Analysis
Dynomation-5 revels unseen flows that reduce fuel economy and horsepower!

   No other engine simulation comes close to Dynomation-5 for simulation capability, accuracy, and ease of use. Simply put, Dynomation-5 is the most powerful wave-action engine simulation available anywhere that is both easy to use and full-able to solve the complex wave-action physics essential in accurately predicting engine performance!
   Since its original release in 2008, Dynomation-5 has benefited from a steady series of FREE updates. Using these new features, you can explore otherwise-unseen gas flows and tune for higher power and fuel efficiency.
   Find out more about these new analysis capabilities on our 5.15 Feature-Focus Page.
   If you would like to purchase Dynomation-5 and obtain these amazing FREE program updates, Dynomation-5 is now available at special discount pricing. After you install Dynomation-5 on your system, it will automatically update with all the latest features. Plus, Dynomation-5 will regularly check our servers to make sure your software stays up to date (you also can check for new versions any time you wish).

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Download Free Copy Of
Dynomation-5 UserManual (30Mb)

Here's A Copy Of
Version 5.15 User-Manual Update

Dynomation Upgrade Policy
If you own Motion Software's Dynomation DOS or Version-4, consider yourself a member of the Motion Software Dynomation Team, and now you can reap the benefits! For a limited time, you can purchase a Dynomaiton-5 upgrade at a special discount!

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Motion Software Dynomation Team members take advantage of the best upgrade discounts in the industry! Join the Team and you'll always get the lowest upgrade pricing!

Dynomaiton-5 upgrades
(for Windows Dynomation Users)
works with your existing USB security key. Plus, you can run Dynomation-5 and earlier versions side by side on any system.


Educational Discounts

Many schools and educational institutions have asked us to offer software site licenses for use in multiple classrooms or by multiple users. We are pleased to announce that Dynomation-5 can now be purchased by an accredited school on a 5--user site license. Teachers email our order desk for more details at: or fax: 714-283-3130.

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