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Packed With New Features And Improved Accuracy!

After several years in development, we are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of our top-of-the-line engine simulation: Dynomation-6! The list of enhancements is extensive (see this page for a detailed list of new features); here are a few of the significant updates in Dynomation-6:

All-New exhaust modeling (simulate any header configuration you can imagine!).

Improved cam modeling using Fitter™ algorithms that optimize valve motion accuracy.

Diesel modeling, compression-ratios to 30:1, new synthetic fuels, enhanced Iterator™.

Cam-Dynamics and Pressure-Wave "watch dogs" signal modeling instabilities.

Intake runner-temp modeling, runner bellmouths, manifold plenums and more!

Imports all previous-version Dynomation files. Get up and running in no time.

Includes all future Version-6 updates and, of course, our top-notch Tech Support!

Guaranteed Performance From Motion Software, Inc.

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Industry First!
Lobe-Profile Library
Includes 3500+
Cam Lobe Profiles!

Motion Software and COMP Cams™ have joined forces to offer engine enthusiasts nearly 3500+, state-of-the-art, cam-profile files that you can instantly load and test in Dynomation-6! These profiles allow Dynomation-6 to precisely simulate valve-motion, an essential step in obtaining the highest accuracy in engine modeling. If you want to test a wide variety of cams using the highest accuracy in Dynomation-6, this Lobe-Profile Library will be a priceless addition to your engine design toolkit.

For a limited time you receive this CD Library FREE with your purchase of Dynomation-6 (Separate Library value $149.95).

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Other Motion Software Simulations

Enthusiasts that do need the power and capabilities of Dynomation-6, or for those who are interested in simulating straight-line and road-course vehicle dynamics, Motion Software has developed additional software simulations that are available exclusively from ProRacing Sim, LLC. Check out all our simulations at:

    Note: Motion Software offers a full Guarantee on all products, and your  Privacy is protected on this site.

Dynomation-6 Now Available!
    All-New State-Of-The-Art Engine Dyno Simulation

   Optimize Four-Stroke IC Engines For Any Application!
 Compatible With Windows Vista, 7, 8 & Windows 10

Engine Simulation

Used By Pros And Engine

   Dynomation6 lets you peer inside a running engine! It clearly lets you see–otherwise invisible–pressure waves and mass flow in cylinders and engine passages. Dynomation6 reveals why specific components improve power and others don’t!
   All engine components and specifications are clearly visible and easy to modify. Unique Direct-Click™ data entry let’s you select and optimize any component with just a mouse click! Let Dynomation6 help you zero-in on the best combination for economy, performance, or professional racing. Fully compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows10 (32- and 64-bit).

Learn More About This Powerful And Easy-To-Use Engine Simulation Here.


Here's What's New
In Dynoamtion6

New 3500+ Lobe Profile Library
Now Included FREE

Download Dynomation-6 User Manual (30Mb)
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Upgrade to Version 6 Now!
     Two-Disk Upgrade Package Includes The Full Dynomation-6
     Pro-Tools Simulation (all features enabled) And The New
     3500+ Lobe Profile Library CD. This Is A
Limited-Time Offer,
     Money-Back Guarantee, Order Your Update Today!

If you own Motion Software's Dynomation-4 or Dynomation-5 engine simulatioin, you can update to Dynomation6 today for only $139.95 (this price is being offered for a limited time only). Get all the latest features and improved simulation accuracy; all version-6 features are unlocked!. Upgrade to Dynomation6 now!

Order Your Update Here:
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  Proven Technology For Two-Stroke Engines!

Two-Stroke Sim

Used By Pros And Engine

Note: This simulation requires Windows98 or WindowsXP (32-bit).
 DynomationTwoStroke is a full-cycle simulation, that calculates the complete fluid-dynamic, thermodynamic, wave-dynamic, and frictional conditions that exist inside the cylinders and runners throughout the entire 360 degrees of the two-cycle process. Model engines with Piston-Port, Reed, or Rotary valving. Design Expansion Chambers, watch pressure-waves "Live" as they move in exhaust ducting. Perform quick "what if" testing to zero in on the best combinations for any application.

 Wtih DynomationTwoStroke, you'll build and test two-stroke engines in no time! You can depend on this package to produce solid, accurate predictions of engine performance characteristics.No other two-stroke engine simulation comes close to DynomationTwoStroke for simulation capability, accuracy, and ease of use.
   Find out more about DynomationTwoStroke here.


     New Shipping Version: 1.10


Download Free Copy Of
UserManual (3Mb)


Educational Discounts

Many schools and educational institutions have asked us to offer software site licenses for use in multiple classrooms or by multiple users. We are pleased to announce that Dynomation-6 can now be purchased by an accredited school on a 5--user site license. Teachers email our order desk for more details at: or fax: 714-283-3130.

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